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Cloud 9 Therapy Spa  was established by Bakka Karriem, Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist.

Cloud 9 Therapy was inspired by working New Yorkers, and Work-a-holics who work so hard and yet are not compensated enough for all their hard work and dedication that keeps NYC running. 

 Cloud 9 Therapy was originally inspired in May 2012 but did not have the convenient website to aide us.  As is the nature of any small business start ups, we learn through experience.    We encourage a healthier way of releasing stress, anger, and other restricting emotions keeping you from being at your best.  Our prices are affordable and speak volumes as we continue to give high quality services at an affordable price.  

Cloud 9 Therapy is designed for the hard working to stay in their comfort zone (be it home or office) for their own convenience as well as visiting our Spa in Brooklyn, NY.  We make the trip to you and all you have to do is place a confirmed order of Minimum Order $200.00  with us and we will arrive to give you luxury upon convenience.  "CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA, where Heaven and Luxury births Tranquility".







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