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Posted by Bakka Karriem on March 26, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Greeting Readers,

     Now that spring is in the air, weightloss and burning fat is on alot of minds.  I don't have to tell you how tricky it is to run a small business, earn quality clients, and run around doing all the footwork yourself can be.  We already know!  But, for the record...  It is very challenging, time consuming and frustrating.

    I don't have to tell you that Spa services (no matter how simple or complicated the services) are proving to be more and more of a necesity these days.  Especially here in the big apple!  I didnt start Cloud 9 Therapy Spa thinking how rich I could be.  I started Cloud 9 Therapy Spa because:  1) It was my choice career change.  2) I went to school for Massage and Esthetics aka Skin Care.  And 3) I have always observed through my many occupations (no matter how short the stints) that NYC residents, temp residents, and commercial employees, business owners, and travelers far and wide alike are all high stressed, working to live and living to work on a daily basis.  "ITS NOT JUST ME"!  I have worked as a Reset-Merchandiser, Housekeeper, Retail sales agent working commission and salary, Massage Technician, Hostess, Bartender, Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaner, Home Health Aide, Baby sitter/Nanny, and sooo much more to list.  Hell, I've even posted ads on and with sexy pictures JUST to post massage therapy, body treatments, and facials with prices to make ends meet to pay the bills.  No, I haven't done anything questionable (No Sex For Money type business) but to resort to the whims and fantasies of others just to make a buck is just as humiliating.  I experimented with many styles of posting ads, and the ones that worked best are the pictures that showed skin.  

Though these tactics are being used throughout every industry, "SEX SELLS" but retention of quality clientele becomes trivial and hard to obtain.  Those seeking sexual favors no matter how mild such as clients touching back or groping the massage girl in hopes to get sexual arousal or whatever to those all out wanting they're genitals serviced for a mere $10 is out right wrong, disgusting, and illegal.  New York City house the most disturbed as well as the most intelligent and inginuitive of human beings.  No matter how big, bold, and red the "NO HAPPY ENDINGS" and the " NO SEXUAL FAVORS" signage was - male clients ALWAYS tried it!  I had to not be so serious, not take myself so seriously, and learn to make humor of such meager whims and show my AWESOME sense of humor.  I melted my clients hearts, by easing sexual frustrations and taught them to focus on their aches and pains for "REAL" relief.  I never resorted to sex, yes in some instances I've questioned my safety since 4-hour motel room rentals are the MOST unsafe idea I have EVER had.  Truth be told...   The MOST exilleratingly stupid but smartest but dangerous but also MOST profitable idea and period of my life.  The MAIN point I remember is that I LOVED MY WORK!  But, the work was seasonal...  Boohoo!

I have always known I wanted to own my own business since I was about 9 years old.  But, in owning my own business I also wanted to offer luxury to the hardworking New York City employee type, small business start up, inventors, techies- you know the people that make New York City who and WHAT we are!  New York itself has been posted as "The Place To Be", " The Party Hardy Planet" where we pull all nighters having fun and wake up in our binges that inspire our fantasy successes that is New York enVogue/Couture!  The truth is...  The Heroine induced "Fun, Fun, Fun New York" time period is all over!  It went out with the 1980's- No!  Actually the early 90's when we have all seen reports of gorgeous River Pheonix last...  New York City isnt "Up All Night" anymore, unless you count the tourists who are so happy to be here that they walk the streets of Manhattan, kids riding the steel horse, or after midnight crime wave catching unsuspecting victims-type long nights.   New York has slowed in its pace of partying, craziness, employment opportunities and benefits but hardwork, cost of living, and debt is at its all time high.  This means, stress and stress related injuries are prone and also on the rise.  We all know this for a fact!  So why not invest in a few Spa treatments to sooth aching muscles to prevent rips, tears and painful Faciitis?  Why not prevent early signs of aging, minimize toxins in our bodies using peels, body scrubs, and wraps.  Hell!  Even the newest winner of the popular show, "THE BIGGEST LOSER",  MS. RACHEL FREDERICKSON admiting she  has used a very unique technique to losing weight.  That special techniqpue was none other than going to the Spa!  Ms. Rachel Frederickson admitted to having ordered the choice service:  Infrared Steam Sauna.  Though Ms. Rachel Frederickson has received national public backlash for being said to have lost "too much weight", I would like to congratulate Ms. Frederickson on 1) Winning 2014 Biggest Loser Competition.

2) Admitted publicly to going to the Spa for weight management; 3) Usinng Infrared Steam Sauna and 4) Admitting that she believes she lost too much weight and taking personal responsibility for such a potentually dangerous stunt.

By show of hands, how many people believe losing weight is difficult for them?  How many people admit that trying to lose weight is stressful undertaking?  How many has experienced weight gain instead of weightloss when then begin their self-promised diet?  Who believes doctors are telling the truth when they say "Cortisol", a hormone caused by stress to expand/bloat fat?

I have seen the " Dr. Oz show, The Doctors, and Oprah" show when fitness experts and doctors say:  A) Cortisol causes fat so the more you stress, the more your weight increases.  B) When your body loses fat, its replaced by the body releasing restored fat from fat reserves.  Yes, just knowing this makes one feel like losing weight is hopeless and impossible.  I think Ms. Frederickson is on to something.  After working out from sun up to the end of the day, a nice trip to the Spa is a great idea.  While I don't advocate unhealthy weightloss, I do agree that we need to relax, relate, and release at the Spa while enjoying a soothing and quiet moment in a Steam Sauna infrared with slimming seaweed gel. 

Infrared light is great for circulation of blood, hyperpigmentation reduction and aides to melt fat cells and easier waste elimination via bowel movement.  I only wish Ms. Frederickson had found Cloud 9 Therapy Spa to give choice services in the comfort of her own home and give proper consultation toward a healthier winner.  In conclusion, I wish Ms. Frederickson well in her future endeavors.  I wish my readers luck as well, don't shy away from seeking minimum your physician's advice on better options, healthy options to take to lose weight.  Remember:  "BEING SKINNY DOESN'T MEAN HEALTHY.  IT CAN ALSO BE A SIGN OF BEING SICK."  So becareful and be well. Until next time. :-) 


Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 12, 2013 at 9:20 AM

New York City is experiencing a new wave of a business "BOOM" and it's not a computer thing.  It's not a clothing thing.  It's NOT even a STRIP CLUB OR HOOTERS!  SHOCKING isn't it???  It's finding a place to unwind.  Whether men are in relationships, have children, or just want to escape the everyday "GRIND" life for a moment.  The spa is where it's at!  Yes, we know:  NYC men are synonymous with the ever so popular "METROSEXUAL" thanks to P.Diddy himself for being caught on camera in a NYC nail salon during the late 90's/early 2000's.  Though it is true, the more men exposed to the "Metro" life tend to like the idea of getting pampered and looking their best-not all men that visit the spa are metrosexual.  Actually, going to the spa has its benefits to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and prevent many injuries.

I can attest that men are better tippers than women, more willing to try new treatments that are recommended without feeling like they're being price gouged (They're NEVER being taken advantage of with me...) and men follow simple directions for after care a little better than women.  These are all just my personal experiences with working in a spa and visiting my current mobile spa clients.  Though, I must admit...  Minorities tend to get the trends and health benefits late!  Meaning, though a lot of styles, health benefits, and reports that are now popularized on television shows, news, etc. African-Americans, Spanish, East & West Indians have been using age old remedies of vitamins and preparing foods that hold a lot of medical benefits for slower aging, staying fit, keeping energy and stamina, etc. for ages Now, I know this is a whole nother blog title, but when government and "Popular Science" get their hands on media trends and marketing along with agricultural trade they tend to ruin the way the youth eat, move, and think thereby stopping good practices and encouraging the bad habits and changing the dynamics of what lessor neighborhoods look like in terms of health, style, and behavior.

The Atkins diet proved that it wasn't for everybody, though it was over popularized and many had passed on because of fad diets and bad choices accompanied with NOT knowing your body.  Media is a powerful tool, but it should not be treated like it's a doctor's diagnosis for how we care for ourselves.  Today, parents and grand parents look a lot younger than the newer generations.  I have pictures to prove it!  Every morning I run out of my house to do something, I see my favorite neighbor!  I always give her hell to let her know how beautiful she looks and how well she keep her family.  This woman is in her late 40's but look like she's in her mid 20's.  She has a great sense of humor, gorgeous smile, and her body is to die for without having shame of holding a "BIG BOOTAY"!  J-Lo and Shakira may be new to the rich and society groups, but here in the "GHETTO's" and Middle class neighborhoods is like having our own fashion shows.  Every summer these women walk, strut, and get their business done but they are a "TRUE BRICK HOUSE".  Now take a look at the teenagers and 20 something year olds.  They will always think they know everything, but one thing they don't know for sure is how to take better care of themselves.  I hate to make that "WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE" lecture, but here it comes.

Teenage boys hit on me thinking I'm they're age or at least at best a 20 year old Cougar they can romp around with for the summer before they hit high school.  Until I open my mouth...  "Ooooooh My bad, Aunt Bekky!"  More men strolling the neighborhood whether they live there or passing through are also a great example of looking more youthful, having taken care of their skin better, and more fit bodies than their female counterparts.  I know stress, having children, and bad diet play a huge part in wear and tear but it doesn't have to stay like that.  Maintenance is the key to everything in life.  As the Muslims say:  "EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE MUST TASTE DEATH"!  Bad habits included...  Motivation in most seasons are hard to come by like the winter.  I, myself do like to hibernate during the winter.  But, of course I can not.  I get the winter blues sever.  Depression is most often on the menu.  Anger and my fits are during travel time in the cold weather, from the time I step out the front door till I get to where I'm going and warm up with a hot cup of coffee.  Then, I got to force myself to busy my mind or I go idle and slide back into "THAT MOOD" again.  Sounds like "THE SHINING" doesn't it?  I've always felt that I could understand him.  Anyway, back to the subject!

Our youth today, have the body of a 50-something year old after a hysterectomy and it's NOT a good thing.  I always encourage women with daughters to book a double treatment with me for an affordable price.  If they want their hair done, then I bring along a girlfriend who can use a bit of cash.  I treat little girls to a free foot treatment when the mother orders a special treatment for herself so no one feels left out.  I hold conversation with the little girls to find out what they like and what they want to do with their mothers.  A spa treatment at home is always a great bonding experience for the parents and the children.  Most often, I got to tell you...  The kids stay quiet because they're too busy smelling stuff, looking at great colors, and or they ask questions about my profession the parents want to know.  Men are just discovering the true secrets of what children like and how much a spa treatment keep them at their best behavior.  It's especially a plus when the kids like you and want to see more of you.  Parents (especially fathers, uncles, and grand fathers) love to see that their children whether young or older find interest in something constructive.  In many ways, I become a built in babysitter when I come over to perform services to my clients.  They see it as "Free Services" for their children.  but, I see it as free advertisement!  Children are great motivators and advertisers of activities they like.  Most of my clients ask me back more than once a week because their children ask about me, and the children feel they have made a good friendship and bond partner other than their own parent.  Most parents admit that they get a break from their child 2 fold.  One, the parent get pampered and they feel secure enough to even slip away into bliss.  On the other hand, it is nice to have the child ask 1million & 1 questions to someone else for a change.  Boy, is she handling it well!  I love children, but I also believe in giving  children constructive activities and answering their questions.  I think that teenagers of fathers ask the best in-depth questions.  At first it's intended to kind of offend me, but I give answers that intrigue their minds and ask related questions back at them in a mutual exchange.  Teenagers love to be challenged, but many times in their own field of knowledge so they feel they have something to contribute.

My latest advice for a single father was that they should host a Spa party for their daughters no matter how old they are.  Let them invite their friends and encourage constructive play.  Besides, there are many things girls need to know about from a professional that a father may kill or die if it had to be explained from their own mouves.  LOL!

Spa treatments are not just a "Metrosexual thing.  It isn't a woman thing.  It isn't even just a feminine thing all together...  Though, we can agree mothers are a 24/7 little to no break employment opportunity.  Men are deserving of stress relief, loose muscles, and a retreat into bliss, too.  Spa treatments are nothing more than a "RELAX, RELATE, & RELEASE" from the hectic stress induced world we all live in today.  This recession doesn't make anything easier, but for lack of a better phrase-it does pull the best out of us to survive in the world we live in.  The spa is a way of "SELF PRESERVATION" too.  So, in conclusion: 



                                                                                             Thank You Readers, Until next time...




Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 8, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Greetings Readers,


Today, I would like to talk about "Business Conduct".  I have found that I can no longer standby and watch ugly business practices between Business Owners, Browsers and Consumers.  I have seen some really ugly practices for a few years on facebook and many other social media sites that have all too well carried on from brick and mortar and mom & pop stores and "Drug Fiend Street Hustling" Practices.  I am covering a topic all business owners can relate to from the biggest of the big to the small business owner starting out. 

I am more than familiar with bad business etiquette, morals, and simply put-"CON ARTIST" behavior.  I think it hurt more to see and read other business owners just starting out going through the same if not more crime with cheating practices because at least I know how to handle that sort of mind set.  But, others I have seen are not so knowledgeable and also are in need of some kind of funding coming in that they accept whatever comes their way.  The main problem with accepting bad bids are that its not enough money for the labor you put into your craft, it's overly exhausting, You're left with that weird sinking feeling that you've been conned and cheated.  All of this leads to a horrible feeling in your gut that maybe you're not ready to be in business, going into business was a big mistake, and you've wasted too much time to gain nothing but bad experiences and lower self esteem from it all.  Well, doubt no more!  For those who like to tear down businesses with comments like:  "I gotta pay bills, I need a better price"; "You Must NOT WANT MY MONEY, THEN"!; I Just paid bills, Can I get it for this much (Which is free or ugly close to it)???"; Or my favorites:  "I go to (Big Name Brand Company To Spend Waaaaay More Money) get mine done"! And the all time low " I'm too busy to share links, tell a friend, or even try it myself just this one time(But, when misfortune happen to YOU/THEM spreading the word is expected and highly asked of YOU because it happened to them!)".  You all know who YOU are...  And if YOU don't, WE DO!  Well, NO MORE!  STOP the con artist, cheating, thieving habits that get you what you want for close to nothing.  It's all called stealing, conniving, cons, and tearing down promising small businesses. 

This doesn't just happen in "GHETTOS".  Some of the Best-Of-The-best of business men, women, and children from all over the world can tell you they know a few people and family members of this type of nature that have conned their way into misfortune, bad debt and bankruptcies.  How would you feel if your boss worked you like a slave and all that paid vacation, sick days, promotions, raises and bonuses YOU were promised at the start of YOUR job never happened for you, but instead all you've inherited was minimum wage, more work hours, mandatory weekend work every other weekend, and more responsibility?


It would absolutely SUCK wouldn't itYou're barely able to make rent, utilities, but can't get welfare because you make 1 cent too much, and your kids needing new clothes, your time, and food to name a few things.  Working as an employee is a business too!  If you're felling like you're already going through this then do some research.  Look up the Department Of Labor in your state for statistics and how much you SHOULD be making at this profession, look up other companies in need of people like you and are hiring, redo your resume, and climb your way to a new horizon.  You can't expect people to treat you like your worth.  You have to teach them!  If you don't want to leave this job, then ask for all those promised promotions, etc., report your company to the state, Fed's, and even the Mayor's office.  Teach employers how you should be treated, but don't allow mistreatment and become an offender yourself.  It's all a crime!  Remember, it's not wrong till there's a LAW against it in writing. 

If you' have not interested in supporting small business, authors, radio stations & personalities, etc. anywhere or on social media then just simply walk on by.  You know that song...  "If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry....  Walk on byyyyy.  Walk on Byyy, foolish pride.  It's all that I have left so let me be!  The pain and the hurt that YOU gave me, when you said goodbye.  Walk on by".  "Do-Do. Do-Do. Do".

Believe it or not, you're causing more harm "THINKING" you're giving good business by underbidding the seller drastically.  It's called Con!  Stop it and just go about your wayIf you want to support, then purchase product or services full price.  In the real business world, the prices get lower as you purchase in larger quantity or as things go on sale.  So wait your turn.  For us business owners, No business is waaaaay better than crappy business.  But, this also teaches US business owners a great big lesson to learn how to market and advertise more effectively!


Until next time readers.  So long.  ;-)



Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 6, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Greetings Fans,


CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA is proud to announce that we are hosting random "POP UP SHOPS" at New York City Beaches all summer long.  Though, summer has just started June 26th this year, we all know it is still early in the season and we want to educate beach goers all over NYC about the importance of wearing protection.  Sun UVA/UVB protection that is...  It is important to be cautious during the summer months because melanomas, sun burns, and skin cancer are all high risks do to the love and fun of hanging out in the sun.  Surely, WE can't blame you!  But, it is also heart breaking to find out the staggering numbers of women, men, and children going to the Doctor's office for a growing mole or age spot to find out that that growing mole is a cancerous lesion.  Whether you like to workout, read, play in the sand, catch the waves, or just bathe in the sun, we feel that it is our duty to inform those who may not know or may not be well equipped with the proper sunscreens to help you prevent sun damage.  Our skin is the LARGEST ORGAN in and around the human body and though, skin does amazing "Wolverine-like" (X-Men Character) healing", it is the only defense we have against outside environmental elements. 

Our skin encases our other organs like the Heart, Lungs, and Intestines among other note worthy tissue and vessels that also reside under our skin.  If we expose too much of ourselves to harmful elements, how are we expected to keep our beauty and stay healthy or heal from injuries of many kinds?  Don't sabotage your skin just for one day in the sun.  Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by wearing sun block, light weight clothing, light colored clothing, and SPF sunscreen.  And REMEMBER:  Anything over 30 has similar effectiveness so it's not necessary to spend twice the cash when you can buy a bargain brand with as much protection from the sun if not more than the name brand items.


While we're on the beach a few days out of the week, CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA will be offering our services to the beach goers via our menu below.  CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA will have a tent set up for service, keep your eye's peeled for our service center on the beach with shade. 

***Remember, stay safe, protected from the sun and be very careful as accidents do happen on the beach.***







-REFLEXOLOGY IN THE HEAT Choice: Feet, hands, Scalp

CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA will be posting our location via Facebook check-in, like us on facebook:







Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 4, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Today, I would like to offer a few great recipes inspired by the "RED, WHITE, & BLUE" Fruits.


You've heard me right, the "RED, WHITE, & BLUE" fruits.  It's pretty simplistic and if you have any daughters you can teach them from age 3 to 60 how to be your own personal esthetician/Spa Professional, LOL.  Today, I would like to use blueberries, Strawberries and Bananas.  Yeah, I know what you're about to say.  "Bananas are yellow!  What color are ripe bananas once they're pealed?  Aren't ripe bananas white inside?  They are also tasty and good for you, right?  Exactly!  Now, before we begin, I just want to remind you of the benefits of Blueberries, Strawberries, and Bananas.

Strawberries are packed with nutrients like Vitamin C which makes it an antioxidant.  Strawberries are considered a super food/super fruit by many dieticians, MD's, and of course mothers.  While strawberries are great to eat, it's not a bad face mask either.  Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C (If you can believe it, I was surprised too!) and is a proven wrinkle reducer.    Vitamin C is a well-known immunity booster, as well as a powerful, fast-working antioxidant so if you eat a full cup of strawberries everyday you are taking in your full daily recommendation of vitamin C which is what we were told about orange juice as well.   strawberries may help us to prevent cataracts, which we all know is the clouding over of the eye lens that can lead to blindness in older age.


Bananas are one of our best sources of potassium.  Bananas have a lot of essential minerals for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. The average banana contains about 467/500 mg of potassium and only 1 mg of sodium.  You know what they say:  "A banana a day may keep the Dr. away".  Or you can just go with the local dietician saying "A banana a Day may help to prevent high blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis".  The effectiveness of potassium-rich foods such as bananas in lowering blood pressure has been demonstrated by a number of studies.  A lot of researchers tracked over 40,000 American male health professionals over four years to determine the effects of diet on blood pressure. Men who ate diets higher in potassium-rich foods, as well as foods high in magnesium and cereal fiber, had a substantially reduced risk of stroke!  Isn't that something?  I


Now, let's move on to Blueberries.  Thanks to Dr. Oz and Oprah, Blueberries have reached superstar status in terms of their unique health benefits.  Blueberries have made a guest appearance on the Dr. Oz show so many times, though I am allergic to them, they have become the most demanded fruit in all supermarkets all over the U.S.A.  I mean this has also happened in ghettos like South Jamaica-Queens, N.Y.  I apologize to the Spanish workers in "BRAVO" supermarket for being so abrasive but, we all have growing children in our communities and we need a much better selection of healthy foods and great quality fruits at a much more affordable price.  We'd patronize more if you guys sell quality fruits and vegetables in a larger quantity and leave out the majority of junk food you're pushing in black, Latino, Caribbean, and now welcoming our East Indian neighbors to South Jamaica-Queens.  The same goes for the Key foods, C-Towns, and the Bodegas!  I'll be interviewing the managers of these chains in the coming weeks.  So, beware...  Anyway, where were we?


Oh Yeah...  Blueberries!  From the words of Dr. Oz:  " Most health research on blueberries involves their phytonutrient content. Anthocyanins - the colorful antioxidant pigments that give many foods their wonderful shades of blue, purple, and red - are usually the first phytonutrients to be mentioned in descriptions of blueberries and their amazing health-supportive properties.  The benefits are slows down the aging of the organs, cleans the blood, gives you a glowing youthful layers of skin, helps with digestion by strengthening your organs and cleaning out the old mess that may linger in the stomach and colon.  In senior citizens and the aging (which means all of us) helps with cognitive protection is most likely due to nerve cell damage.  (I've learned that in school (ATELIER ESTHETIQUE).

Antioxidants are nutrients that protects against environmental wear and tear and stops the process of oxidation.  Oxidation or the "REDUX" process is when uneven nutrons come and take from balanced elements and make the support system age.  A better explanation is:  Oxygen entering an apple makes the apple turn brown.  Pour lemon juice (which is an antioxidant) on the apple and the brown disappears right before your eyes.  Of course in terms of our skin, this is a maintanence process that has to be done more often than NOT at all.  So enjoy my facial mask recipes for the holidays before you go out and before you go to bed.  It's all good.

Honey is not just tasty but a great substitute for sugar and is an antibacterial agent that has been used in Africa for centuries.  Honey helps aide in upset stomach, wrinkle reducer, makes your skin glow and tighten skin, a great disinfectant for hair, skin, and believe it or not used to be used as a lice killer for your hair centuries ago in Muslim cultures and African cultures before Islam.  I just thought I'd add the benefits of honey because its an ingredient in today's recipes.

Anyway, I'm going to cut the chit-chat and get right down to business. 


CAUTION:  Make sure you wash your fruit and bowls before you begin. 

You need a Mixing bowl, and Strawberries and a cup of Honey. 

In the mixing bowl put 4 jumbo fresh strawberries (If you have small strawberries then use 6.).

Smash the strawberries until there's no more chunks. 

Add honey slowly as you mix.  Honey is thick so mix honey in 2 tablespoons at a time, then mix until the mixture is paste like or slightly looser than that. 

Chill mixture in fridge for 30 minutes to an hour.

Wash your face and you daughter's face thoroughly and pat dry. (For those of us who have children, boys are invited too).

Take mixture out of the fridge and it should be chilled and a little thick.  If mixture seem too thick, just whip it with a metal fork until it loosens up a bit.  Use a spoon or your fingers and gently spread a thin coat all over your face, (not over eyes lids and eyebrows though).  If you want a lip treatment for your child to keep him/her quiet, by all means spread over lips and let them know NOT to eat it and don't speak.  This is an excellent trick to keep the questions and loud talking to a minimum, LOL.

Now, Go lay down on the couch or the bed, hell you can leave it on for 10,15, maybe even 20 minutes just to see how good your child(ren) can handle it or maybe before it drips on the couch or bed, LOL.  Enjoy!

For this recipe you can do the same thing for the blueberries and bananas recipe.

FYI:  If you wanna bake your child(ren's) noodle, mix all 3 fruits with the honey and follow the directions.  Then make muffins or pancakes with the fruits and tell them you scraped it all off their face and made it for them to eat.  Then watch their reaction first.  If they're grossed out say, SIke!




Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 3, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Good Morning Readers, bloggers, and fellow fans, I am pleased to announce... I am on a roll like butter & jelly. I will be vending this summer & fall events around New York City. From "Ladies Night Out" events to Large Flea Markets, and Sponsored events indoors. I will be running all around NYC giving Massage, Facials & other Appearance Enhancement services behind closed doors for the modesty of the patrons. As these developments come in, I will be updating by posting locations, admission (if any), times & dates as the information comes in. So far the vending gigs are strictly weekend events which is a bit more convenient for many of our working citizens since the weekends may be off time for many of our working class professionals and students alike. As mentioned earlier, each event will be posted and shared on "CLUD 9 THERAPY facebook page a week before each event leading up to the day of. Pictures, video, and recorded interviews obtained will be posted as well so our audience can get a glimpse into our world as Spa Professionals no matter how good, bad, or ugly the job get. I am so excited, pleased, and a bit over active (meaning: I dream of strategically growing and expanding the services, marketing/advertising of my business) in offering the public a range of appearance enhancement services that are not just trendy but good for the health of the overall health of your skin, mind and spirit. Remember: Appearance Enhancement isn't just about looking good on the outside, we encourage you to take great care on the overall health inside and out. This is not a promotion to show you what your negative features ate, we enhance the beauty of your body while easing and soothing your mind, body and spirit. Spa visits are "YOUR TIME" to shine! We at CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA make YOU our priority as you slip away into bliss. Its all about YOU... I hate to sound like a broken record, like us on facebook: and visit our website: often to catch our promotions, events, articles, and much more as we post variety. At this time, I would like to wish you all a "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY"! CLOUD 9 THERAPY TIP: For those of you who are not so fond of the heat, humidity, or he kids running the streets kicking up a lot of dirt and noise all day long and in many neighborhoods "nights". You can make your home into a Spa getaway in the event you may not be able to make it to the Spa. Buy "BLACKOUT" shades! Pick a room in your home you feel comfortable lounging around in and go on eBay (your best buy center for a chance to do affordable shopping. Buy "BLACKOUT CURTAINS" for the measurements of your sanctuary's window(s), go to your local Beauty Supply Store or Walmart and buy "SEAWEED BODY SLIMMING GEL", if you can not use seaweed (do to allergies, horrible smell, or whatever) checkout the whole aisle for "BODY CONTOURING" lotions (that smell good), buy "SARAN WRAP" for our ebayers " ACE BANDAGES 3"X6ft or larger width & length" in bulk, buy some "REAL OATMEAL" quick cooking is fine, bananas or strawberries. If you're anything like me, you'll rearrange the furniture in the room of your choice to leave the middle of the room clear of all debris and have a clean and clear pathway to walk. If you have a couch that folds out into a bed, even better. Hang those curtain pour two handfuls of oatmeal in a mixing bowl and crush till it looks like smaller flakes, pour in water till it forms a ball when mixing (pour slowly and sparingly the water till it turns to paste), in a desperate bowl mash up the bananas till it turns into an ooowie, gooie mix, mix bananas and oatmeal mixture together and mix until it can't be mixed no more. Cover mixture with Saran wrap and put in fridge for half an hour. Bring out your saran wrap, body slimming gel or body contouring lot ions and put in living room on a out of the way dinner tray or small table beside your couch, futon or air mattress. Take a full shower and use a loofa MIT, scrub gloves, or a gritty wash cloth and pour oap in hands lather for ots a bubbles then scrub gently to remove dead skin cells but don't scrape or scratch yourself (you'll regret it!). Use Luke warm water to prevent intense skin drying. Wash hair and use a hot oil treatment, if you don't have any hoity-toity hot oily treatment then use your choice of olive or Canola oil (Yes, the kind you cook with!) or Shea buteer or Coco butter and apply to scalp. For us thick kinky haired folk: Scoop shape butter and/or coco butter in a sauce pan and heat till completely melts. FYI: Coconut oil and Caster oil are great options too. Apply to newly washed & conditioned scalp & hair from root to tip, but not till it drips. Just make sure you get good enough coverage, "No Strand Left Behind"! Cover with a shower cap or a shopping bag (sqush all air out, make it as air tight as possible). You know what??? If you have any mint oil go ahead & put 2-3 drops in your oil treatment or if your hair is super thick like mine... Make is an easy 3-5 drops! Dry your body with a non lint towel or a sheet then lock your doors sonoone busts in on you! Don't ask... use a great moisturizer or oil and rub on parts of your body you don't want to slim down. Then while standing apply slimming gel, contouring lotion and apply liberal amount in hands rub in palms then rub into skin but not completely, let some lotion or gel sit atop of skin or until skin is a bit damp. Apply all around tummy, sides and back (as far as you can reach) open Saran wrap and flatten beginning of roll across front of tummy, take 5 deep breaths and exhale slowly then continue to wrap yourself in saran wrap 2-3 rounds then cut saran wrap. Get the oatmeal mix out of fridge and with handsjust scoop and apply at least about an inch thick mask all over your face. Try doing this once you lay down comfortably. Cover bowl back and leave the bowl on the table or near the couch. Then go to sleep and let the magic happen. If you want to wrap your thighs, arms, and tummy then start wrapping starting from the thighs, tummy, then arms. No wiggling around, damn the phone, the door, and the cat! Kick everybody out the house for a few hours, play your favorite music soft & loud. Something soothing, not dance worthy. You can go to sleep or catch up.on your reading old school style. Damn facebook, twitter or instagram! Leave it all alone. Leave it all on for about a 1/2 hour to 3 or until you wake up. Cut off Saran wrap, hit the shower and wash it all off. Moisturize your hair & scalp with leave in conditioner & style as desired. Moisturize your body and wear something YOU FEEL SEXY IN! You gotta take some time out to release your mind, body and soul of daily stresses in life. "YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT"! We are NOT GOD! Let go of the stresses and stressors in our lives. We will all age, but try to age differently. HAPPY 4th OF JULY FROM CLOUD 9 THERAPY!


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Greetings readers, Cloud 9 Therapy Spa is excited to announce our grand opening weekend scheduled for August 17 & 18, 2013 1:30pm till 5:30 pm. We are equipped with more than capable, friendly estheticians that will make your your first or hundredth Spa treatment a delight and a pleasure. We offer a range of great services with less mess, faster service than the conventional spa with state of the art equipment and supplies that will have our patrons requesting our services and coming back for more. Though we are a Mobile Spa Service, we also make our effort to bring in new ideas and host "Pop Up" Spa events offering some of the best services proven to give great results at appearance enhancement. Cloud 9 Therapy is more than just a Spa. We offer more than wax hair removal, facials, and scrubs. We offer serenity and luxury like you've never seen before. Cloud 9 Therapy Spa doesn't just offer temporary relief. We offer mind, body, and spiritual soothing. Cloud 9 Therapy offer companionship and understanding, many of our clients suffer from lack of freedom to truly communicate, to truly rest, to quiet the noise in their minds. We offer solutions to get rid of toxic influences in your world. Cloud 9 Therapy fr a complete make over or an enhanced YOU. Luxury shouldn't cost you more than you can afford from one paycheck, but it doesn't come cheap either! Cloud 9 Therapy offer reasonably affordable prices for all of ourservice. Like us on facebook at:, here you will be updated on our up coming events and services. You'll be able to purchase our gift certificate packages and print out your confirmation receipts prior to our event so you won't have to waiting line during our events. Cloud 9 Therapy is a proud member of Angie's list where you can leave a review of our products and services on and where your comments, questions, and quotes will be handled with respect and care. Don't hesitate to give us a call for a full facial, Massage Therapy, or a full package. Why not customize baby ix & matching our services, you are more than welcome to bring a friend or friends, the more the merrier! Why wait, luxury is ONLY a call away! ;-)


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Greetings readers, potential customers, and browsers,

Cloud 9 therapy is a mobile Spa located in teh city of  NewYork and we operate within the NYC/NJ Metro area.  Right now, we are doing a trial run where we will start out traveling via mass transit.  Since we are just starting out our typical expenses had to be limited to portable equipment, ample supplies that are light weight (of course it all add up the pounds) but we try to keep our inventory simple and clientele specific.  For example, if a customer calls and want to try out our services we urge them to either call in their orders or take their sweet time deciding what they want and make their order and purchase online via  We find that the online ordering approach is faster, simple and no miscommunication on our part or the part of the potential client.  We confirm the order by giving a quick phone call to the client or emailing them back so we can double check on all order specifics.  Cloud 9 Therapy has also included on our "Order Form" page, an application for entry by the client to give specifics such as address, email address, home phone number and a mobile number for a more efficient response.  We then give our estimated arricval time so our clients know when to expect us.

We at Cloud 9 Therapy value our customer's opinions and urge you all to read our blog, visit our page on facebook, send an email inquiry, and of course leave comments that are positive and constructive whether you liked or disliked our services, it is best to be polite with the explainations.  Cloud 9 Therapy will keep you posted as to any events we may be hosting in the future be it online, on location, or conference call.  Our "Employment" application page will be available to the public as well in the near future.  Until next time, Luxury is an order away!