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Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 8, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Greetings Readers,


Today, I would like to talk about "Business Conduct".  I have found that I can no longer standby and watch ugly business practices between Business Owners, Browsers and Consumers.  I have seen some really ugly practices for a few years on facebook and many other social media sites that have all too well carried on from brick and mortar and mom & pop stores and "Drug Fiend Street Hustling" Practices.  I am covering a topic all business owners can relate to from the biggest of the big to the small business owner starting out. 

I am more than familiar with bad business etiquette, morals, and simply put-"CON ARTIST" behavior.  I think it hurt more to see and read other business owners just starting out going through the same if not more crime with cheating practices because at least I know how to handle that sort of mind set.  But, others I have seen are not so knowledgeable and also are in need of some kind of funding coming in that they accept whatever comes their way.  The main problem with accepting bad bids are that its not enough money for the labor you put into your craft, it's overly exhausting, You're left with that weird sinking feeling that you've been conned and cheated.  All of this leads to a horrible feeling in your gut that maybe you're not ready to be in business, going into business was a big mistake, and you've wasted too much time to gain nothing but bad experiences and lower self esteem from it all.  Well, doubt no more!  For those who like to tear down businesses with comments like:  "I gotta pay bills, I need a better price"; "You Must NOT WANT MY MONEY, THEN"!; I Just paid bills, Can I get it for this much (Which is free or ugly close to it)???"; Or my favorites:  "I go to (Big Name Brand Company To Spend Waaaaay More Money) get mine done"! And the all time low " I'm too busy to share links, tell a friend, or even try it myself just this one time(But, when misfortune happen to YOU/THEM spreading the word is expected and highly asked of YOU because it happened to them!)".  You all know who YOU are...  And if YOU don't, WE DO!  Well, NO MORE!  STOP the con artist, cheating, thieving habits that get you what you want for close to nothing.  It's all called stealing, conniving, cons, and tearing down promising small businesses. 

This doesn't just happen in "GHETTOS".  Some of the Best-Of-The-best of business men, women, and children from all over the world can tell you they know a few people and family members of this type of nature that have conned their way into misfortune, bad debt and bankruptcies.  How would you feel if your boss worked you like a slave and all that paid vacation, sick days, promotions, raises and bonuses YOU were promised at the start of YOUR job never happened for you, but instead all you've inherited was minimum wage, more work hours, mandatory weekend work every other weekend, and more responsibility?


It would absolutely SUCK wouldn't itYou're barely able to make rent, utilities, but can't get welfare because you make 1 cent too much, and your kids needing new clothes, your time, and food to name a few things.  Working as an employee is a business too!  If you're felling like you're already going through this then do some research.  Look up the Department Of Labor in your state for statistics and how much you SHOULD be making at this profession, look up other companies in need of people like you and are hiring, redo your resume, and climb your way to a new horizon.  You can't expect people to treat you like your worth.  You have to teach them!  If you don't want to leave this job, then ask for all those promised promotions, etc., report your company to the state, Fed's, and even the Mayor's office.  Teach employers how you should be treated, but don't allow mistreatment and become an offender yourself.  It's all a crime!  Remember, it's not wrong till there's a LAW against it in writing. 

If you' have not interested in supporting small business, authors, radio stations & personalities, etc. anywhere or on social media then just simply walk on by.  You know that song...  "If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry....  Walk on byyyyy.  Walk on Byyy, foolish pride.  It's all that I have left so let me be!  The pain and the hurt that YOU gave me, when you said goodbye.  Walk on by".  "Do-Do. Do-Do. Do".

Believe it or not, you're causing more harm "THINKING" you're giving good business by underbidding the seller drastically.  It's called Con!  Stop it and just go about your wayIf you want to support, then purchase product or services full price.  In the real business world, the prices get lower as you purchase in larger quantity or as things go on sale.  So wait your turn.  For us business owners, No business is waaaaay better than crappy business.  But, this also teaches US business owners a great big lesson to learn how to market and advertise more effectively!


Until next time readers.  So long.  ;-)


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