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Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 12, 2013 at 9:20 AM

New York City is experiencing a new wave of a business "BOOM" and it's not a computer thing.  It's not a clothing thing.  It's NOT even a STRIP CLUB OR HOOTERS!  SHOCKING isn't it???  It's finding a place to unwind.  Whether men are in relationships, have children, or just want to escape the everyday "GRIND" life for a moment.  The spa is where it's at!  Yes, we know:  NYC men are synonymous with the ever so popular "METROSEXUAL" thanks to P.Diddy himself for being caught on camera in a NYC nail salon during the late 90's/early 2000's.  Though it is true, the more men exposed to the "Metro" life tend to like the idea of getting pampered and looking their best-not all men that visit the spa are metrosexual.  Actually, going to the spa has its benefits to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and prevent many injuries.

I can attest that men are better tippers than women, more willing to try new treatments that are recommended without feeling like they're being price gouged (They're NEVER being taken advantage of with me...) and men follow simple directions for after care a little better than women.  These are all just my personal experiences with working in a spa and visiting my current mobile spa clients.  Though, I must admit...  Minorities tend to get the trends and health benefits late!  Meaning, though a lot of styles, health benefits, and reports that are now popularized on television shows, news, etc. African-Americans, Spanish, East & West Indians have been using age old remedies of vitamins and preparing foods that hold a lot of medical benefits for slower aging, staying fit, keeping energy and stamina, etc. for ages Now, I know this is a whole nother blog title, but when government and "Popular Science" get their hands on media trends and marketing along with agricultural trade they tend to ruin the way the youth eat, move, and think thereby stopping good practices and encouraging the bad habits and changing the dynamics of what lessor neighborhoods look like in terms of health, style, and behavior.

The Atkins diet proved that it wasn't for everybody, though it was over popularized and many had passed on because of fad diets and bad choices accompanied with NOT knowing your body.  Media is a powerful tool, but it should not be treated like it's a doctor's diagnosis for how we care for ourselves.  Today, parents and grand parents look a lot younger than the newer generations.  I have pictures to prove it!  Every morning I run out of my house to do something, I see my favorite neighbor!  I always give her hell to let her know how beautiful she looks and how well she keep her family.  This woman is in her late 40's but look like she's in her mid 20's.  She has a great sense of humor, gorgeous smile, and her body is to die for without having shame of holding a "BIG BOOTAY"!  J-Lo and Shakira may be new to the rich and society groups, but here in the "GHETTO's" and Middle class neighborhoods is like having our own fashion shows.  Every summer these women walk, strut, and get their business done but they are a "TRUE BRICK HOUSE".  Now take a look at the teenagers and 20 something year olds.  They will always think they know everything, but one thing they don't know for sure is how to take better care of themselves.  I hate to make that "WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE" lecture, but here it comes.

Teenage boys hit on me thinking I'm they're age or at least at best a 20 year old Cougar they can romp around with for the summer before they hit high school.  Until I open my mouth...  "Ooooooh My bad, Aunt Bekky!"  More men strolling the neighborhood whether they live there or passing through are also a great example of looking more youthful, having taken care of their skin better, and more fit bodies than their female counterparts.  I know stress, having children, and bad diet play a huge part in wear and tear but it doesn't have to stay like that.  Maintenance is the key to everything in life.  As the Muslims say:  "EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE MUST TASTE DEATH"!  Bad habits included...  Motivation in most seasons are hard to come by like the winter.  I, myself do like to hibernate during the winter.  But, of course I can not.  I get the winter blues sever.  Depression is most often on the menu.  Anger and my fits are during travel time in the cold weather, from the time I step out the front door till I get to where I'm going and warm up with a hot cup of coffee.  Then, I got to force myself to busy my mind or I go idle and slide back into "THAT MOOD" again.  Sounds like "THE SHINING" doesn't it?  I've always felt that I could understand him.  Anyway, back to the subject!

Our youth today, have the body of a 50-something year old after a hysterectomy and it's NOT a good thing.  I always encourage women with daughters to book a double treatment with me for an affordable price.  If they want their hair done, then I bring along a girlfriend who can use a bit of cash.  I treat little girls to a free foot treatment when the mother orders a special treatment for herself so no one feels left out.  I hold conversation with the little girls to find out what they like and what they want to do with their mothers.  A spa treatment at home is always a great bonding experience for the parents and the children.  Most often, I got to tell you...  The kids stay quiet because they're too busy smelling stuff, looking at great colors, and or they ask questions about my profession the parents want to know.  Men are just discovering the true secrets of what children like and how much a spa treatment keep them at their best behavior.  It's especially a plus when the kids like you and want to see more of you.  Parents (especially fathers, uncles, and grand fathers) love to see that their children whether young or older find interest in something constructive.  In many ways, I become a built in babysitter when I come over to perform services to my clients.  They see it as "Free Services" for their children.  but, I see it as free advertisement!  Children are great motivators and advertisers of activities they like.  Most of my clients ask me back more than once a week because their children ask about me, and the children feel they have made a good friendship and bond partner other than their own parent.  Most parents admit that they get a break from their child 2 fold.  One, the parent get pampered and they feel secure enough to even slip away into bliss.  On the other hand, it is nice to have the child ask 1million & 1 questions to someone else for a change.  Boy, is she handling it well!  I love children, but I also believe in giving  children constructive activities and answering their questions.  I think that teenagers of fathers ask the best in-depth questions.  At first it's intended to kind of offend me, but I give answers that intrigue their minds and ask related questions back at them in a mutual exchange.  Teenagers love to be challenged, but many times in their own field of knowledge so they feel they have something to contribute.

My latest advice for a single father was that they should host a Spa party for their daughters no matter how old they are.  Let them invite their friends and encourage constructive play.  Besides, there are many things girls need to know about from a professional that a father may kill or die if it had to be explained from their own mouves.  LOL!

Spa treatments are not just a "Metrosexual thing.  It isn't a woman thing.  It isn't even just a feminine thing all together...  Though, we can agree mothers are a 24/7 little to no break employment opportunity.  Men are deserving of stress relief, loose muscles, and a retreat into bliss, too.  Spa treatments are nothing more than a "RELAX, RELATE, & RELEASE" from the hectic stress induced world we all live in today.  This recession doesn't make anything easier, but for lack of a better phrase-it does pull the best out of us to survive in the world we live in.  The spa is a way of "SELF PRESERVATION" too.  So, in conclusion: 



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