Luxury is ONLY an order away



Posted by Bakka Karriem on May 5, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Greetings readers, potential customers, and browsers,

Cloud 9 therapy is a mobile Spa located in teh city of  NewYork and we operate within the NYC/NJ Metro area.  Right now, we are doing a trial run where we will start out traveling via mass transit.  Since we are just starting out our typical expenses had to be limited to portable equipment, ample supplies that are light weight (of course it all add up the pounds) but we try to keep our inventory simple and clientele specific.  For example, if a customer calls and want to try out our services we urge them to either call in their orders or take their sweet time deciding what they want and make their order and purchase online via  We find that the online ordering approach is faster, simple and no miscommunication on our part or the part of the potential client.  We confirm the order by giving a quick phone call to the client or emailing them back so we can double check on all order specifics.  Cloud 9 Therapy has also included on our "Order Form" page, an application for entry by the client to give specifics such as address, email address, home phone number and a mobile number for a more efficient response.  We then give our estimated arricval time so our clients know when to expect us.

We at Cloud 9 Therapy value our customer's opinions and urge you all to read our blog, visit our page on facebook, send an email inquiry, and of course leave comments that are positive and constructive whether you liked or disliked our services, it is best to be polite with the explainations.  Cloud 9 Therapy will keep you posted as to any events we may be hosting in the future be it online, on location, or conference call.  Our "Employment" application page will be available to the public as well in the near future.  Until next time, Luxury is an order away!



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