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Posted by Bakka Karriem on July 3, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Good Morning Readers, bloggers, and fellow fans, I am pleased to announce... I am on a roll like butter & jelly. I will be vending this summer & fall events around New York City. From "Ladies Night Out" events to Large Flea Markets, and Sponsored events indoors. I will be running all around NYC giving Massage, Facials & other Appearance Enhancement services behind closed doors for the modesty of the patrons. As these developments come in, I will be updating by posting locations, admission (if any), times & dates as the information comes in. So far the vending gigs are strictly weekend events which is a bit more convenient for many of our working citizens since the weekends may be off time for many of our working class professionals and students alike. As mentioned earlier, each event will be posted and shared on "CLUD 9 THERAPY facebook page a week before each event leading up to the day of. Pictures, video, and recorded interviews obtained will be posted as well so our audience can get a glimpse into our world as Spa Professionals no matter how good, bad, or ugly the job get. I am so excited, pleased, and a bit over active (meaning: I dream of strategically growing and expanding the services, marketing/advertising of my business) in offering the public a range of appearance enhancement services that are not just trendy but good for the health of the overall health of your skin, mind and spirit. Remember: Appearance Enhancement isn't just about looking good on the outside, we encourage you to take great care on the overall health inside and out. This is not a promotion to show you what your negative features ate, we enhance the beauty of your body while easing and soothing your mind, body and spirit. Spa visits are "YOUR TIME" to shine! We at CLOUD 9 THERAPY SPA make YOU our priority as you slip away into bliss. Its all about YOU... I hate to sound like a broken record, like us on facebook: and visit our website: often to catch our promotions, events, articles, and much more as we post variety. At this time, I would like to wish you all a "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY"! CLOUD 9 THERAPY TIP: For those of you who are not so fond of the heat, humidity, or he kids running the streets kicking up a lot of dirt and noise all day long and in many neighborhoods "nights". You can make your home into a Spa getaway in the event you may not be able to make it to the Spa. Buy "BLACKOUT" shades! Pick a room in your home you feel comfortable lounging around in and go on eBay (your best buy center for a chance to do affordable shopping. Buy "BLACKOUT CURTAINS" for the measurements of your sanctuary's window(s), go to your local Beauty Supply Store or Walmart and buy "SEAWEED BODY SLIMMING GEL", if you can not use seaweed (do to allergies, horrible smell, or whatever) checkout the whole aisle for "BODY CONTOURING" lotions (that smell good), buy "SARAN WRAP" for our ebayers " ACE BANDAGES 3"X6ft or larger width & length" in bulk, buy some "REAL OATMEAL" quick cooking is fine, bananas or strawberries. If you're anything like me, you'll rearrange the furniture in the room of your choice to leave the middle of the room clear of all debris and have a clean and clear pathway to walk. If you have a couch that folds out into a bed, even better. Hang those curtain pour two handfuls of oatmeal in a mixing bowl and crush till it looks like smaller flakes, pour in water till it forms a ball when mixing (pour slowly and sparingly the water till it turns to paste), in a desperate bowl mash up the bananas till it turns into an ooowie, gooie mix, mix bananas and oatmeal mixture together and mix until it can't be mixed no more. Cover mixture with Saran wrap and put in fridge for half an hour. Bring out your saran wrap, body slimming gel or body contouring lot ions and put in living room on a out of the way dinner tray or small table beside your couch, futon or air mattress. Take a full shower and use a loofa MIT, scrub gloves, or a gritty wash cloth and pour oap in hands lather for ots a bubbles then scrub gently to remove dead skin cells but don't scrape or scratch yourself (you'll regret it!). Use Luke warm water to prevent intense skin drying. Wash hair and use a hot oil treatment, if you don't have any hoity-toity hot oily treatment then use your choice of olive or Canola oil (Yes, the kind you cook with!) or Shea buteer or Coco butter and apply to scalp. For us thick kinky haired folk: Scoop shape butter and/or coco butter in a sauce pan and heat till completely melts. FYI: Coconut oil and Caster oil are great options too. Apply to newly washed & conditioned scalp & hair from root to tip, but not till it drips. Just make sure you get good enough coverage, "No Strand Left Behind"! Cover with a shower cap or a shopping bag (sqush all air out, make it as air tight as possible). You know what??? If you have any mint oil go ahead & put 2-3 drops in your oil treatment or if your hair is super thick like mine... Make is an easy 3-5 drops! Dry your body with a non lint towel or a sheet then lock your doors sonoone busts in on you! Don't ask... use a great moisturizer or oil and rub on parts of your body you don't want to slim down. Then while standing apply slimming gel, contouring lotion and apply liberal amount in hands rub in palms then rub into skin but not completely, let some lotion or gel sit atop of skin or until skin is a bit damp. Apply all around tummy, sides and back (as far as you can reach) open Saran wrap and flatten beginning of roll across front of tummy, take 5 deep breaths and exhale slowly then continue to wrap yourself in saran wrap 2-3 rounds then cut saran wrap. Get the oatmeal mix out of fridge and with handsjust scoop and apply at least about an inch thick mask all over your face. Try doing this once you lay down comfortably. Cover bowl back and leave the bowl on the table or near the couch. Then go to sleep and let the magic happen. If you want to wrap your thighs, arms, and tummy then start wrapping starting from the thighs, tummy, then arms. No wiggling around, damn the phone, the door, and the cat! Kick everybody out the house for a few hours, play your favorite music soft & loud. Something soothing, not dance worthy. You can go to sleep or catch up.on your reading old school style. Damn facebook, twitter or instagram! Leave it all alone. Leave it all on for about a 1/2 hour to 3 or until you wake up. Cut off Saran wrap, hit the shower and wash it all off. Moisturize your hair & scalp with leave in conditioner & style as desired. Moisturize your body and wear something YOU FEEL SEXY IN! You gotta take some time out to release your mind, body and soul of daily stresses in life. "YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT"! We are NOT GOD! Let go of the stresses and stressors in our lives. We will all age, but try to age differently. HAPPY 4th OF JULY FROM CLOUD 9 THERAPY!

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