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Posted by Bakka Karriem on March 26, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Greeting Readers,

     Now that spring is in the air, weightloss and burning fat is on alot of minds.  I don't have to tell you how tricky it is to run a small business, earn quality clients, and run around doing all the footwork yourself can be.  We already know!  But, for the record...  It is very challenging, time consuming and frustrating.

    I don't have to tell you that Spa services (no matter how simple or complicated the services) are proving to be more and more of a necesity these days.  Especially here in the big apple!  I didnt start Cloud 9 Therapy Spa thinking how rich I could be.  I started Cloud 9 Therapy Spa because:  1) It was my choice career change.  2) I went to school for Massage and Esthetics aka Skin Care.  And 3) I have always observed through my many occupations (no matter how short the stints) that NYC residents, temp residents, and commercial employees, business owners, and travelers far and wide alike are all high stressed, working to live and living to work on a daily basis.  "ITS NOT JUST ME"!  I have worked as a Reset-Merchandiser, Housekeeper, Retail sales agent working commission and salary, Massage Technician, Hostess, Bartender, Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaner, Home Health Aide, Baby sitter/Nanny, and sooo much more to list.  Hell, I've even posted ads on and with sexy pictures JUST to post massage therapy, body treatments, and facials with prices to make ends meet to pay the bills.  No, I haven't done anything questionable (No Sex For Money type business) but to resort to the whims and fantasies of others just to make a buck is just as humiliating.  I experimented with many styles of posting ads, and the ones that worked best are the pictures that showed skin.  

Though these tactics are being used throughout every industry, "SEX SELLS" but retention of quality clientele becomes trivial and hard to obtain.  Those seeking sexual favors no matter how mild such as clients touching back or groping the massage girl in hopes to get sexual arousal or whatever to those all out wanting they're genitals serviced for a mere $10 is out right wrong, disgusting, and illegal.  New York City house the most disturbed as well as the most intelligent and inginuitive of human beings.  No matter how big, bold, and red the "NO HAPPY ENDINGS" and the " NO SEXUAL FAVORS" signage was - male clients ALWAYS tried it!  I had to not be so serious, not take myself so seriously, and learn to make humor of such meager whims and show my AWESOME sense of humor.  I melted my clients hearts, by easing sexual frustrations and taught them to focus on their aches and pains for "REAL" relief.  I never resorted to sex, yes in some instances I've questioned my safety since 4-hour motel room rentals are the MOST unsafe idea I have EVER had.  Truth be told...   The MOST exilleratingly stupid but smartest but dangerous but also MOST profitable idea and period of my life.  The MAIN point I remember is that I LOVED MY WORK!  But, the work was seasonal...  Boohoo!

I have always known I wanted to own my own business since I was about 9 years old.  But, in owning my own business I also wanted to offer luxury to the hardworking New York City employee type, small business start up, inventors, techies- you know the people that make New York City who and WHAT we are!  New York itself has been posted as "The Place To Be", " The Party Hardy Planet" where we pull all nighters having fun and wake up in our binges that inspire our fantasy successes that is New York enVogue/Couture!  The truth is...  The Heroine induced "Fun, Fun, Fun New York" time period is all over!  It went out with the 1980's- No!  Actually the early 90's when we have all seen reports of gorgeous River Pheonix last...  New York City isnt "Up All Night" anymore, unless you count the tourists who are so happy to be here that they walk the streets of Manhattan, kids riding the steel horse, or after midnight crime wave catching unsuspecting victims-type long nights.   New York has slowed in its pace of partying, craziness, employment opportunities and benefits but hardwork, cost of living, and debt is at its all time high.  This means, stress and stress related injuries are prone and also on the rise.  We all know this for a fact!  So why not invest in a few Spa treatments to sooth aching muscles to prevent rips, tears and painful Faciitis?  Why not prevent early signs of aging, minimize toxins in our bodies using peels, body scrubs, and wraps.  Hell!  Even the newest winner of the popular show, "THE BIGGEST LOSER",  MS. RACHEL FREDERICKSON admiting she  has used a very unique technique to losing weight.  That special techniqpue was none other than going to the Spa!  Ms. Rachel Frederickson admitted to having ordered the choice service:  Infrared Steam Sauna.  Though Ms. Rachel Frederickson has received national public backlash for being said to have lost "too much weight", I would like to congratulate Ms. Frederickson on 1) Winning 2014 Biggest Loser Competition.

2) Admitted publicly to going to the Spa for weight management; 3) Usinng Infrared Steam Sauna and 4) Admitting that she believes she lost too much weight and taking personal responsibility for such a potentually dangerous stunt.

By show of hands, how many people believe losing weight is difficult for them?  How many people admit that trying to lose weight is stressful undertaking?  How many has experienced weight gain instead of weightloss when then begin their self-promised diet?  Who believes doctors are telling the truth when they say "Cortisol", a hormone caused by stress to expand/bloat fat?

I have seen the " Dr. Oz show, The Doctors, and Oprah" show when fitness experts and doctors say:  A) Cortisol causes fat so the more you stress, the more your weight increases.  B) When your body loses fat, its replaced by the body releasing restored fat from fat reserves.  Yes, just knowing this makes one feel like losing weight is hopeless and impossible.  I think Ms. Frederickson is on to something.  After working out from sun up to the end of the day, a nice trip to the Spa is a great idea.  While I don't advocate unhealthy weightloss, I do agree that we need to relax, relate, and release at the Spa while enjoying a soothing and quiet moment in a Steam Sauna infrared with slimming seaweed gel. 

Infrared light is great for circulation of blood, hyperpigmentation reduction and aides to melt fat cells and easier waste elimination via bowel movement.  I only wish Ms. Frederickson had found Cloud 9 Therapy Spa to give choice services in the comfort of her own home and give proper consultation toward a healthier winner.  In conclusion, I wish Ms. Frederickson well in her future endeavors.  I wish my readers luck as well, don't shy away from seeking minimum your physician's advice on better options, healthy options to take to lose weight.  Remember:  "BEING SKINNY DOESN'T MEAN HEALTHY.  IT CAN ALSO BE A SIGN OF BEING SICK."  So becareful and be well. Until next time. :-) 

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